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Shade Options

High quality shades in styles and scale for the American home. Available only from your local TouchMark Dealer.

Glass Shades with a 2 1/4" fitter:
A101 A103 A105
Sandblast Frost Glass 4" Wide Sandblast Frost Glass 4" Wide Sandblast Frost Glass 5" Wide
A118 A131 A151
Opal Gloss Glass 5-1/2" Wide Opal Satine Glass 5-1/2" Wide Opal Gloss Trumpet Glass 5" Wide
A152 A154 A157
Opal Gloss Glass 6" Wide Opal Gloss Glass 7" Wide Opal Satine Chablis Glass 4" Wide
A160 A355 A366
Opal Satine Waterfall Hex Glass 4" Wide Brume Blanc Chablis Glass 4" Wide Opal Gloss Waterfall Hex Glass 4" Wide

Glass Shades with a 3 1/4" fitter:
B100 B141
Satin Etch Fantail Fern Glass 6" Wide Opal Gloss Acorn No. 1 Glass 7" Wide

Hurricane Shades:
K119 K120
Hurricane Shade No. 1 Glass 5" Wide Hurricane Shade No. 2 Glass 5" Wide

Clip on Shades 4" to 6" in diameter, for type B torpedo-shaped bulb:
E200 E210 E220
Ivory Smooth Linen 4" Wide Ivory Smooth Linen 6" Wide Ivory Smooth Linen 5" Wide
E231 E232 E244
White Smooth Linen 5" Wide White Smooth Linen 4" Wide White Smooth Linen 6" Wide
E284 E285 E315
Bisque Silk 5" Wide Flaxen Silk 5" Wide Flaxen Silk 6" Wide
E316 E456 E457
Bisque Silk 6" Wide Celedon Silk 5" Wide Platinum Silk 6" Wide
E458 E460 E461
Bleu Savoie Silk 4" Wide Garnet Silk 6" Wide Garnet Silk 4" Wide
E462 E464 E465
Bleu Savoie Silk 4" Wide Celedon Silk 4" Wide Ginger Silk 5" Wide
E466 E468 E470
Celedon Silk 6" Wide Garnet Silk 5" Wide Ginger Silk 4" Wide
E471 E472 E474
Platinum Silk 5" Wide Bleu Savoie Silk 6" Wide Platinum Silk 4" Wide
E475 E489 E490
Ginger Silk 6" Wide Bisque Silk 4" Wide Flaxen Silk 4" Wide
E494 E495 E496
White Silk 4" Wide White Silk 5" Wide White Silk 6" Wide

Clip on Shades 7" or larger in diameter, for type A household bulb:
F208 F248 F299
Ivory Smooth Linen 9" Wide White Smooth Linen 9" Wide Bisque Silk 8" Wide
F455 F478 F480
Flaxen Silk 8" Wide Bleu Savoie Silk 8" Wide Garnet Silk 8" Wide
F481 F482 F484
Platinum Silk 8" Wide Celedon Silk 8" Wide Ginger Silk 8" Wide
White Silk 8" Wide

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